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school learning comics "Love Chester Comix for history. So much better than a dry textbook. The kids can remember the history better. And the comics mention details not often found in most history books."

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A fantastic review!

Chester Comix just got a fantastic review on this web page devoted to helping educators find useful comic books for their reluctant readers! This is a great site for you to bookmark after reading this fun review. (At one point they note all the social studies concepts I’m packing in, and they add, “yet Boyd does it so effectively and with such good humor (using Star Trek analogies along the way, even) that I barely realized that I was learning new things as I was reading.” That’s the idea!!!

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2 Responses to “A fantastic review!”

  1. Jonathan says:

    So, I have been trolling websites, partly just to weed out any dead links, y’know? I decided to see what Chester had to say, and I remembered you mentioning a new layout over Thanksgiving (I think!). So, I’m happy to see the positive press mentioned above, and that this (new?) format ties in some elements of blogging. Like the ability for readers to submit comments! Hey, whaddaya know? The formatting is a little tricky, though.

  2. Bentley Boyd says:

    I agree – we’re still working on the web site to make the formatting smoother — and add fun content! I know the secret to blogging is to keep the updates coming, but I don’t see this as a daily visit for teachers and parents. I’m trying to add new stuff weekly. I’ve got a lot on my list of things to add, so check back whenever time permits!!

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