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Niesa Wilhelm, 2nd grade teacher in Virginia
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FUNky History

Welcome to the FUNky History area, where you can interact with my “comix.” Color some comix pages, help Chester through the mazes and view some fan art! There’s also a great reading list of other comics I’ve reviewed for you. Have fun!

Coloring Pages

history coloring pages

Crab Mazes

help chester through the maze of history

How to draw Chester

Want to learn to draw Chester like Bentley does? Get out your crayons, markers and pencils, then visit the “how to draw” page!

Reading List

A list of recommended comic reading for kids, broken into age/grade groups. Each has a particular historical focus, along with Bentley’s recommendations and comments. Print out the list and bring it to your local comic shop!

Art from Chester fans

See what other fans of Chester have drawn. Make a drawing of your own and send it in! I would love to see what you can come up with, particularly if it involves history and Chester!

Rough Drafts

Now YOU get to be the editor. View rough drafts from my upcoming comic “World War 1 Web” and make adjustments to my rough drafts. Classes who make real contributions to this story will get signed copies of the final book!

Chester crab comics