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Chester comics history for the visual learner or reluctant reader

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school learning comics "(Our son) is only in second grade, but he desires a higher knowledge of things. These were perfect because they gave him better and more detailed information at a level that was easier for him."

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Comix with Content

Comix with Content
The original series, known as “Comix with Content” follows the adventures of a lovable Chesapeake blue crab named Chester, as he learns about history and economics. Each comic book in the Comix with Content series is broken down into 4 related stories. These storylines break down further into pages that easily fit into a day’s lesson plan. The comic books within the Comix with Content series include:

moving and grooving comic book history of travel and transportation civil war fort sumpter 1861 civil war Atlanta burning
Government comic for the people by the people lewis and clark Reconstruction junction civil war south
Economics opportunity costs Alexander Hamilton Constitution Locke Hobbes

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Chester crab comics