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Chester's Blog

A note from Bentley Boyd:

This isn’t a blah blah blog bog just thrown up so I can say “I have a blog!” Once a week I’ll update this space with USEFUL history and comic book information!

You’ll see what I’m working on drawing and researching — and I want you to contribute your advice and opinion to help steer my future projects!

You’ll see the trips I take to historical places, which is part of my research for future books and for the school visits I make. I hope students will like taking these tours by watching where in the world I go. Please have them e-mail me questions about my trips if that will help you focus their attention in your classroom!

You’ll see news about history — new books, new archaeological finds, new ideas. Our understanding of the past continues to develop! I think young people benefit from seeing HOW we know history; we need to free history from the textbooks and show that there is investigation to it just like there is to hunting dinosaur bones or exploring the stars.

And finally, I’ll review nonfiction comix by other people. When I started drawing Chester’s history adventures in 1999, there were only one or two other people in the country regularly drawing historical cartoons. In 2004 educational publishers jumped into that market! The trouble is the titles tend to rise and fall quickly, and there’s no standard for knowing the age appropriateness of the comic. I’ll review other historic comix in my blog so you can feel more confident about the other material out there.

The main page of my blog is right on the front page Come back often to see what’s new. read on!

Bentley Boyd, Illustrator
Bentley Boyd, Illustrator
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