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Civil War Vol. 2

The end of the Battle of Vicksburg opens the entire Mississippi River to Union shipping. The Battle of Gettysburg ends the Confederate invasion of the North and is the turning point in the Civil War. Union soldiers burn Atlanta and many Southern farms on their March to the Sea. The fighting comes to a close after a long siege of Petersburg near Richmond. And Chester the Crab answers the question: Was Confederate President Jeff Davis captured wearing a dress? This colorful graphic novel will excite reluctant readers, prepare students for standardized tests in history and help homeschooling parents!

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Comic sample page #1: Civil War Burning of Atlanta
Comic sample page #2: How was Jefferson Davis Caught?
Topics covered in this comic book
Teacher Guide

Civil War Burning of Atlanta Sherman

Civil War Confederate President Jefferson Davis North Carolina

Chapter 1: Vicksburg Victory

Americans are locked in a bitter civil war in 1863. Southern states split from the United States of America in 1861, and fighting broke out later that year. In the next two years the battles have gotten bloodier, but neither the Union army nor the Confederate army can gain an advantage. Leaders on both sides are beginning to realize that winning the war may depend on making the other side’s civilians feel the pain of war…

Vicksburg Victory includes the following topics:

  • Where was the Battle of Vicksburg?
  • Who tried to move the Mississippi?
  • How did Grant attack Mississippi?
  • How was Vicksburg protected?
  • Why did Vicksburg surrender?

Chapter 2: The Battle Of Gettysburg

Confederate General Robert E. Lee sees the North’s grip tightening on his supplies. The Union’s blockade of Southern ports such as Savannah, Charleston, and New Orleans is keeping European supply ships from helping his soldiers – and helping Southern people at home. So a year after his first, failed attempt to invade the North, Lee heads north again, into Pennsylvania. Maybe a big victory there will make Europe support the South’s independence and make Northerners ask for peace…

The Battle of Gettysburg includes the following topics:

  • Who blocked Confederate ports?
  • What happened to “Stonewall” Jackson?
  • Why was there fighting at Gettysburg?
  • Why do we have Memorial Day?
  • How did the Civil War hurt people?

Chapter 3: Atlanta Burning

After the Confederate loss at Gettysburg, the Union can confidently take the war into the South again. Southern troops are becoming increasingly younger and less well-equipped and clothed. But they still fight fiercely. Union General William T. Sherman decides he must destroy Atlanta, “the crossroads of the Confederacy,” to convince the South to give up this terrible war…

Atlanta Burning includes the following topics:

  • Who attacked Atlanta in the Civil War?
  • When did the shelling of Atlanta begin?
  • When did the Union capture Atlanta?
  • Why did Atlanta burn in 1864?
  • Where was Sherman’s “March to the Sea?”

Chapter 4: Richmond Falls

Combat in the Civil War is often brutal, man-to-man fighting. But Union General Ulysses S. Grant knows the North has more people than the South and so can replace the soldiers it loses on the battlefield. He presses south to Richmond and lays siege to the nearby railroad hub at Petersburg, Virginia. There Grant waits for the Confederate army to weaken further…

Richmond Falls includes the following topics:

  • How did the Civil War finish?
  • Who got pinned in Petersburg?
  • When did Richmond finally fall?
  • Where did Robert E. Lee surrender?
  • How was Jefferson Davis caught?

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