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Revolutionary City

(ISBN 978-1-933122-37-3)

What is more important to you, security or freedom? How high a price will you pay to see your hopes come true in the time of the Revolutionary War? Readers face these and other important choices on each page of this graphic adventure based on the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s thrilling Revolutionary City program. Revolutionary City reflects Williamsburg’s role in one of America’s defining periods and places the modern person in the middle of the debate about the future of America. Witness the collapse of royal government and join in the choices that lead revolutionary citizens to war!

Revolutionary City sample history comic

Revolutionary City sample history comic

This Choice Comic does not have chapters, but each page presents a scene and a choice for the reader. The titles of each page are:

  • Lord Dunmore Confronts the Assembly
  • Enemies of the Royal Government
  • Democracy at the Raleigh Tavern
  • The Gale from the North
  • The Grand Congress
  • A House Divided
  • Duty to Family
  • A Court of Tar and Feathers
  • Liberty to Slaves!
  • A Citizen Soldier
  • Resolved: Free and Independent States!
  • A Declaration
  • Hamilton the Hair-Buyer
  • In Desperate Circumstance
  • The Camp Followers
  • The Town is Taken!
  • War-Weary Williamsburg
  • Running to Freedom
  • The Promised Land
  • On to Yorktown!
  • Cornwallis Caves
  • When the Loyalists Leave
  • A Republican Confederation
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