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Alexander Hamilton

The fun of a game begins with a fair start. For example, in chess, both players start with the same pieces. How exciting it must have been for orphan Alexander Hamilton to come to New York City as a teenage immigrant and feel that in this new land he had an equal chance to succeed alongside the children of wealthy, established families. Hamilton DID do well, going to an elite college and serving in the American Revolution. When it came time to create a new nation, Hamilton took the inspiration from his own success and tried to make the nation’s new rules allow the greatest opportunity possible.

Comic sample page #1: How did Hamilton join the war?
Comic sample page #2: Who made the first U.S. money?
Topics covered in this comic book
Teacher’s Guide for this comic

How did Hamilton join the war?

Who made the first U.S. money?

And here is the listing of pages — note that there are no chapter breaks in this book. I packed all the printed pages with content!!

Where did Alexander Hamilton grow up?
How did Hamilton immigrate to NYC?
Was Hamilton a Loyalist or a Rebel?
How did Hamilton join the war?
How did Hamilton get resources?
What work did colonists do?
When did the Articles of Confederation start?
Did the Articles of Confederation tax?
How does the U.S. govern the Ohio?
What was the Northwest Ordinance of 1787?
Who ran America’s Confederation?
Did the Confederacy make money?
What killed the Confederation in 1786?
What replaced the Confederation?
Does the Federalist sell the Constitution?
What is in Washington’s first term?
Who made the first U.S. money?
How did Washington view the world?
What did Alex and T.J. fight about?
Who started political parties?
Who ended the Whiskey Rebellion?
What was Hamilton’s downfall?
Did the Kentucky Resolves solve?
What is Hamilton’s last contest?

View the ALEXANDER HAMILTON Teacher’s Guide.

You can also print this sheet to color and write in! Download here

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