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Moving and Grooving

MOVING AND GROOVING (ISBN 978-1-933122-36-6)
The way people move has changed a lot over the past 800 years! Follow Chester and his friend Christie as they race through time and up the East Coast, trying different forms of transportation along the way. It’s travel through space AND time! Can they be the first in this treasure hunt to find the “East Coast Megalopolis?!!” What IS that, a bad horror monster?!!!

Comic sample page #1: How fast was mail 225 years ago?
Comic sample page #2: What road went coast-to-coast first?
Topics covered in this comic book
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This story includes the following topics:
How did people live 800 years ago?
How fast was mail 225 years ago?
How did boats get better in 1807?
How did trains make cities bigger?
How did we get into this jam?

Let’s take a look at the different forms of transportation people had in one year of history. Watch how fast and how far Chester can move using horses, boats, trains, and something NEW in 1902 …

This story includes the following topics:
How far can a person walk in a day?
How far can horses travel in a day?
What did the Baltimore boats carry?
How fast were trains in 1902?
Who was the first president in a car?

Two brothers from Ohio are late in joining the Turn-of-the-20th-Century craze to power man in the air. But moving carefully and logically, the Wright Brothers begin to solve some of the basic problems to powered flight …

This story includes the following topics:
How did people fly in the 1800s?
How can wings lift things?
How did the Wrights control flight?
Where did the Wrights test their ideas?
How long was the first Wright flight?

There wasn’t always a Burger King off every exit of I-70. The roadways for cars grew slowly as people and politicians figured out how important the car would be in America’s culture and economy. After decades of muddy rural roads and narrow paved state routes, a president pushes for the breakthrough in wheeled transportation …

This story includes the following topics:
What were roads like in 1903?
Who is first to drive across America?
What road went coast-to-coast first?
Did hamburgers always have toys?
When did interstates connect states?

View the Teacher’s Guide for this comic.

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