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The World War I Web

Comic sample page #1: What happens in the mud at Verdun?
Comic sample page #2: When did Germany almost win WWI?
Topics covered in this comic book

World War 1 is one of the least-understood events in United States history. It’s easy to see why: unlike the dynamic World War II, this earlier global conflict has little battlefield movement and no clear moral narrative. Who really won? Who really lost? This conflict radically changed the world, but the years between 1870 and 1929 are a blur to most Americans. This graphic adventure explains the war that ended the sunlit Victorian era and catapulted the U.S. into a dramatic century of revolution and global responsibility. This book will help classroom teachers and home educators explain the complicated politics and geography of World War I. Plus the drawings of the biplanes are cool.

What happens in the mud at Verdun?

When did Germany almost win WWI?

The World War 1 Web includes the following topics:

CHAPTER 1: Nervous Empires

How nice was life in the early 1900s?
When did the Boy Scouts start?
Who were the Serbs in Southern Europe?
What triggered World War I?
Why did Serb strains lead to a big war?

CHAPTER 2: No Man’s Land

Why did the 1st battles bog down?
What happens in the mud at Verdun?
What was wrong in the Battle of the Somme?
How did airplanes join warfare?
Why did the Lusitania not drag the U.S. to war?

CHAPTER 3: America Over There

Why did America join World War I?
How did America prepare for war?
What freedoms vanished on the homefront?
Did the Russian Revolution end the war?

CHAPTER 4: Armistice and Aftermath

When did Germany almost win WWI?
Who wins Belleau Wood and Chateau-Thierry?
Who wins “The 100 Days Offensive”?
How many died from the “Spanish Flu”?
How did Wilson shape the peace?
How did WWI change America?

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