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About our Comics

All of our comic books teach history and economics through a highly visual and engaging approach. Learn more about why teaching history with comic books is effective in all age groups, particularly for reluctant readers. We currently have two separate series of comics: Comix with Content and Choice Comix.

Comix with Content
The original series, known as “Comix with Content” follows the adventures of a lovable Chesapeake blue crab named Chester, as he learns about history and economics. Each comic book in the Comix with Content series is broken down into 4 related stories. These storylines break down further into pages that easily fit into a day’s lesson plan. Learn more and see samples of our Comix with Content.

Choice Comix
Choose-your-own-story chapter books were a big hit when introduced 20 years ago, but nobody has written a choose-your-path comic…until now! History is about interesting people making important choices. These comic books will give readers a closer look at those choices, and give me the chance to show more detail than I have in the broader storylines of Chester the Crab’s stories. Choice Comix is narrated by an old bluesman named John Lee Otter. He’s seen it all and is an expert in guiding readers through their choices.

The comic books within the Choice Comix series include:

Learn more about this exciting new series called Choice Comix.

Comics from both series are available for purchase online, by phone or email. Browse our teaching guide samples and when you’re ready, visit our order page to purchase comics. Feel free to contact me with questions.

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