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New Teachers Guides are here!

The teachers guide for the Moving and Grooving comic book about transportation is now on the website! You can find it by clicking the blue button on the homepage that says “Free Teachers Guides” or by going to the section that has sample pages for all the books (if it’s available online, the teachers guide for each book is through a link at the bottom of the list of page titles). Please let me know what you think of it. For future guides, I’d love to know what is most helpful to the education you practice and what other features you’d like to add to Chester Comix teachers guides.

The teachers guides for Civil War vol. 1 and Civil War vol. 2 are also here now. I’ve finished handing out  the printed versions of those, so now you can get all those activities, literacy lessons and quizzes in the free .pdf file for them posted in the Free Teachers Guides section. As I run through the printed guides, I’ll make that content available here as a free download!

And in a few weeks I’ll have a teachers guide up for this month’s new comic, “Revolutionary City.” Stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “New Teachers Guides are here!”

  1. Peggi Knight says:

    We so enjoyed spending time at Montpelier today with you to celebrate Constitution Day. Your presentation was lively and informative, and invaluable for motivating my homeroom students. We have been playing with the Comics Lab Extreme program found at:
    Your use of a comics approach have given new breath and real-life meaning to my kids’ understanding of using this as a tool for learning. Thanks so much.

    We also would like to purchase more books. The kids did not understand how very cool they were and are sorry to have missed out on the opportunity to purchase a signed copy today. Any re-offers???
    I am also looking to purchase a class set of the remaining issues. Please send info if possible.

    Mrs. Knight’s class

  2. bentley says:

    Thanks for coming out to Constitution Day, Mrs. Knight! Comix are a fun, multilayered way for me to teach, but they are an EVEN BETTER way for the students to then process what they are learning. The students must understand an issue in several directions before they can then edit the information (what to put in their comic, what to leave out), put it in sequence, and make the words match the pictures. It’s actually a lot more work than just writing a few text-only paragraphs about a subject. (But most kids will do that extra work because it’s got a lot of room for creativitiy!)

    If you want a set of all 27 of my books, mark the “gift set” box on my order form (which you can download at
    And if you give me some names, I’d be happy to sign 5-6 of those books for you! Fax me the form and we can get the books to you ASAP.

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